The Young Mothers

Nameless Sounds & Rockefellers Present

The Young Mothers

morning scales the mountain, Konk Pack

Fri ยท September 21, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Konk Pack
Konk Pack
KONK PACK is a hardcore trio made up of world class improvisers Tim Hodgkinson, Thomas Lehn and Roger Turner. All three members of Konk Pack have been improvising for decades with musicians like Lol Coxhill, Cecil Taylor, Tom Cora, Alan Silva, Evan Parker, Marcus Schmickler, Fred Frith, Charles Gayle.... the way that they improvise together is like a swarm of bees or a school of fish (sometimes piranhas). This is not intellectual music.

The sensitivity of British Improvised Music, represented via the crackling and snapping of the electronics (Lehn), the howling and roaring of reed and a table top guitar (Hodgkinson) and the rattling and rustling of the percussion (Turner) are melded with a trashy, overloaded attitude. A heavy rocking swing echoes out of loose noise conglomerations. Their music is an exercise in extreme dynamics that range from spacious and semi-silent tonal streaks to full out onslaughts that open doors to vast tidal waves of static, set to crash straight into the audience.
Venue Information:
3620 Washington Ave
Houston, TX, 77007