TX EAGLES Tribute to the EAGLES
Jetspeed Productions and Rockefellers Present

TX EAGLES Tribute to the EAGLES

BloodRedSky U2 Tribute

Ages 18+
ONLY about 120 Tickets available at this SAFE Socially Distanced show!

The Texas Eagles are able to reproduce the Eagles music like very few others can, performing all of the hits of the Eagles much like the album version.

Appealing to a wide range of ages, the Texas Eagles are loved by many and are performing a combination of heartfelt ballads, rock anthems and are remembered for their unmistakable vocal harmonies.

You will not walk away from their show disappointed. Check them out.

ALL TICKET HOLDERS will be able to order discounted food from our neighbor STAR PIZZA delivered to your table! Get your tickets early! Don't miss out!

Venue Information:
Rockefellers Houston
3620 Washington Ave

Houston, TX, 77007